1. He caused a fumble that linebacker Fred Pertile recovered.
  2. Pertile also studies the Italian 20th-century novel.
  3. I'm trying to confirm the date of death of Merle Pertile.
  4. Pertile grew up in Indiana and Illinois.
  5. Aureliano Pertile, remembered as Toscanini's favorite tenor, appeared in the title role.
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  7. Then he should have the timbre of Aureliano Pertile, the truest of the Verdi tenors.
  8. Pertile said, " but tonight they " really " beat us ."
  9. Local fans were disappointed when Italy's Ivo Pertile and Roberto Cecon failed to qualify for the second jump.
  10. Eugenio Fernandi was born in Pisa and raised in Turin, where he began his vocal studies with Aureliano Pertile.
  11. She can be heard on a complete recording of " Aida " from 1928, opposite Aureliano Pertile.
  12. Sunday's win in Rome was likely to earn Pertile the third spot on the men's Olympic team.
  13. Only sophomore Fred Pertile returns with any starting experience, leaving two open linebacking spots, a half-dozen inexperienced returners and Hester.
  14. Fred Pertile spent the summer back in Midland, preparing for this upcoming season and talking a little trash to his friends playing for Texas Tech.
  15. After singing in regional Italy and South America, Pertile first sang at the premier Italian opera house, La Scala, Milan, in 1916.
  16. She then appeared at the Verona Arena in 1922 as Elsa in " Sly " in 1927, with the great Italian tenor Aureliano Pertile.
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