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  1. Plaintiff in error taught this language in school as part of his occupation.
  2. Plaintiff in error was defendant below.
  3. It is immaterial that in this case it does not appear that there are other creditors than the plaintiffs in error.
  4. The full title of the case is Ware, administrator of Jones, Plaintiff in Error v . Hylton et al.
  5. That claim was an existing one of public record in favor of Miller when the map of plaintiff in error was filed.
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  7. It may be a question whether the remedy by mandamus is not larger and more extensive under the Iowa Code than the plaintiff in error admits.
  8. The complaint in this action, after alleging that the plaintiff in error was a citizen of Pennsylvania, and the defendants citizens of New York, proceeded as follows:
  9. But these and perhaps other points, decided against plaintiff in error, do not present questions of federal law which this Court can review in a judgment of a state court.
  10. In the course of unloading, the Grocery Company discovered that some of the flour was wet, and thereupon reloaded the part removed and returned the flour to the plaintiff in error.
  11. The " Slaughterhouse " court refers to the argument of the plaintiff in error, and remarks that the brief rests on the wrong citizenship ( and provision of the Constitution ).
  12. The consolidated company, the St . Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad Company, the plaintiff in error, is not the identical corporation which was the Cairo and Fulton Railroad Company.
  13. It would be more than three years before the case was actually heard, with Walter Nelles of New York City making the argument for the plaintiff in error on October 18, 1925.
  14. "Mr . John A . Campbell, and also Mr . J . Q . A . Fellows, argued the case at much length and on the authorities, in behalf of the plaintiffs in error.
  15. It was contended in this case that the plaintiffs in error went further than was done and that they offered to prove that in commerce " Saxony dress goods " were not considered as of " similar description " to delaines.
  16. It is accordingly argued in its support that the sole and real controversy disclosed by the pleadings is between the plaintiff below and the plaintiff in error, to which the Des Moines and Minneapolis Railroad Company is a merely nominal party.
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