planning a vacation造句

"planning a vacation"是什么意思   


  1. Plan a vacation to the uk
  2. To plan a vacation trip
  3. Plan a vacation with a light schedule , and sleep every night until you wake naturally
  4. We were planning a vacation , but the baby ' s illness pulled the rug out from under us
  5. There are times in office that you take a break and plan a vacation with travel agent or have a chat with your colleague about your child
  6. It's difficult to find planning a vacation in a sentence. 用planning a vacation造句挺难的
  7. For a joint project such as planning a vacation , the slower spouse could spend an afternoon comparing airline prices online while the quicker one could make the hotel reservations , jot down a packing list and arrange to have the mail delivery suspended
  8. If you plan a vacation in the mountains this winter but are worried about your skiing ability because you haven t exercised for a while , it s possible to train just two months in advance to be ready for skiing holidays , and you just need few hours a week to prepare your body


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