1. Red brick walls detailed with marble platband plinths, cornices, and parapet coping.
  2. Original platband with ovolo moulded lower edge.
  3. The straight platband that completes the fa鏰de is cut, at the middle, by an imposing royal coat-of-arms.
  4. Pevsner comments that the west front  displays a nice pedimented doorway and a moulded platband between the floors .  A nineteenth century extension has been added and the Hall is occupied.
  5. To give visual continuity along the stepping terrace, the platband and the cornice are ramped up at the end of each house, instead of abruptly breaking and restarting at each step.
  6. It's difficult to find platband in a sentence. 用platband造句挺难的
  7. The new house was a five-by-five bay block, of three storeys, with a semicircular bow on the entrance front and a platband above the first-floor windows.
  8. The two-story cloister, the first of arcades and pillars, and the second, enclosed with rectangular garden windows, decorated with cornices and simple platband, capped by corners and gargoyles.


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