1. The man ' s face was badly pock - marked
  2. His pock - marked and wrinkled face , with little slits of eyes , beamed with self - satisfaction and merriment
  3. Why , it must be the anferovs , said an old deacon addressing a pock - marked peasant woman . lord , have mercy on us
    “这一定是安菲罗夫家的女孩, ”一个老年的教堂执事对一个麻脸的姆妈说。
  4. Nearest of all to pierre stood the pock - marked peasant woman with the child . when the patrol was moving , she stepped forward
  5. He slowly approached the rear pew , his clothes hanging on his thin frame , hair slicked back from his ruddy and pocked - marked face
  6. It's difficult to find pock-marking in a sentence. 用pock-marking造句挺难的
  7. The senior artillery officer , a tall , long - legged , pock - marked man , approached pierre , as though he wanted to examine the action of the cannon at the end , and stared inquisitively at him
  8. In another companya lucky one , for not all had vodkathe soldiers stood in a group round a broad - shouldered , pock - marked sergeant , who was tilting a keg of vodka , and pouring it into the covers of the canteens held out to him in turn


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