1. It was modernized by 18th-century philologists Marko Pohlin and Jurij Japelj.
  2. His first poems were published in Marko Pohlin's collections of Slovene folk songs.
  3. Pohlin's historiographic work is considered of little worth but it was important in boosting the ethnic consciousness of his contemporary countymen.
  4. He was born Anton Pohlin in Ljubljana, in what was then the Duchy of Carniola in the Habsburg Monarchy, as the son of a tavern owner.
  5. He rejected the innovations of the Franciscan monk Marko Pohlin, and returned to the language of 16th-century Slovene Protestants, especially Jurij Dalmatin and Adam Bohori .
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  7. Pohlin was also the author of the book " Kraynske kroneke " ( The Carniolan Chronicles, 1770 ), which is considered the first work of historiography written in Slovene.
  8. In his monograph, republished and enlarged in 1788, Pohlin took as a source the Dalmatian humanist historian Mauro Orbini, who saw the Slavs as the most ancient people in Europe.
  9. Although Pohlin's linguistic innovations were later rejected by his successors, his " Kraynska grammatika " marked the beginning of the revival of Slovene language and Zois'circle.


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