1. Claude Poinssot discovered a crypt beneath the cella in 1955.
  2. In November 1910, renovations were carried out, then again in 1925 thanks to Louis Poinssot.
  3. Poinssot identifies Younga as the new name of the city of Macomades Minores, also called Macomades Iunci or Iunca.
  4. According to Alfred Merlin and Louis Poinssot, the term derives from the name of the god Liber, in whose honour a temple was erected at Dougga.
  5. The discovery of the head of a statue of Jupiter has led Claude Poinssot to suggest that the crypt dates from the period of Christianity s triumph over the old religions.
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  7. The identification of the temple dedicated to Masinissa beneath the forum disproved Louis Poinssot's theory that the Numidian city stood on the plateau but that it was separate from the newer Roman settlement.
  8. The citadel, identified in 1944 by the French archaeologist Louis Poinssot as the place described by Arab geographers Al Bakri and Al-Idrissi, under the name of Kasr er-Roum ( Castle of the Romans ), was transformed in the 9th century by the Aghlabids, modifying the upper part of the walls.
  9. It is possible that the Temple of Pluto is located near Septimius Severus triumphal arch in an area of the city that has only been partially excavated as yet, but this hypothesis is not very firm and is based on the discovery of a bust in a courtyard, which has been dated by Claude Poinssot to the 2nd or 3rd century CE . The associated building was excavated in the 1960s but little is known about the manner in which the excavation was conducted and the stabilisation work carried out at the site.


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