1. Stacey Calvert, as Polyhymnia, was exuberant if not always precise.
  2. Monique Meunier was technically flawless in a debut as a bold Polyhymnia.
  3. Poly is named after Polyhymnia, the Greek muse of sacred music.
  4. Jennie Somogyi as Polyhymnia was superb in her spring and perfect pique turns into arabesque.
  5. Kathleen Tracey, as Polyhymnia, offered a lively performance with a fun-loving aura.
  6. It's difficult to find polyhymnia in a sentence. 用polyhymnia造句挺难的
  7. Sofiane Sylve and Miranda Weese were new on Wednesday night as Polyhymnia and Calliope, respectively.
  8. Of these one bears the title of " Polyhymnia ", and has never been printed.
  9. The orbit of 33 Polyhymnia puts it in a 22 : 9 mean motion resonance with the planet Jupiter.
  10. She gives birth to her first child, Polyhymnia ( called Poly and eventually Polly ) shortly after the later book.
  11. Measurements of the position for this asteroid from 1854 to 1969 were used to determination the gravitational influence of Jupiter upon 33 Polyhymnia.
  12. Zemlinsky also met Arnold Schoenberg when the latter joined Polyhymnia, an orchestra in which he played cello and helped found in 1895.
  13. It was a performance to remember, with Ms . Herrera brilliant in her technique as Polyhymnia and Ms . Kent intense as Calliope.
  14. Ashley Tuttle's Calliope was too careful, but Yan Chen's Polyhymnia captured the neo in Balanchine's neo-classicism.
  15. But Jennie Somogyi, in a technically perfect debut as the muse Polyhymnia, and Pascale van Kipnis as Calliope, offered a welcome energy.
  16. The name chosen for the new fraternity was originally " Polyhymnia ", after the muse of sacred poetry, rhetoric and eloquence.
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