pony express council造句


  1. The "'Pony Express Council "'is based in Saint Joseph, Missouri, and also serves Scouts in Kansas.
  2. It was championed by Pony Express Council Executive Parvin Bishop who expanded the program when he became Director of Program at the National Office.
  3. Scouting executive H . Roe Bartle founded the Mic-O-Say organization at Camp Brinton in 1925 while serving as head of the Pony Express council.
  4. The first two years of the Pony Express Council's Project COPE program had two days of ropes course programs and low course events and one day of Orienteering programs.
  5. In 1980 a team of staff and volunteers in Pony Express Council developed a Rope Course and Orienteering program under then Scout Executive Parvin Bishop as part of the council's long range planning.
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  7. In the late 1970s the Pony Express Council began Project COPE which is aimed at encouraging teamwork, self-confidence, trust, leadership, communication, decision-making, and problem-solving.
  8. "' Camp Geiger "'is a Boy Scout camp on the bluffs above the Missouri River two miles ( 3 km ) northwest of St . Joseph, Missouri in Andrew County, Missouri at used by the Pony Express Council.
  9. The "'Tribe of Mic-O-Say "'is an honor society used by two local councils of the Boy Scouts of America, Heart of America Council and Pony Express Council; it is not a program of the National Council of the BSA . Mic-O-Say's ceremonies, customs, and traditions are based on the folklore of the American Indian.


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