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  1. Reproductive output appears to be correlated with local population abundance.
  2. Treatment efficiency is in鹵enced by health, maturity and population abundance of earthworms.
  3. Changes in the microfossil population abundance in the stratigraphy of current and former water bodies reflect changes in environmental conditions.
  4. However, at some of these sites, population abundance was very low and / or decreasing, especially in conditions of high water temperature and alkalinity.
  5. It is not possible to calculate absolute fitnesses from relative fitnesses alone, since relative fitnesses contain no information about changes in overall population abundance N ( t ).
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  7. The Muisca economy was self-sufficient regarding the basic social classes and the general population abundances of gold, feathers, marine snails, coca, yopo and other luxury goods.
  8. Research methods include population abundance studies based on distance sampling surveys ( both from aircraft and vessels ) and long-term photo-identification capture-recapture programmes; habitat and distribution time-series studies inclusive of the collection of remotely sensed environmental covariates; bioacoustics; behavioural sampling; remote biopsy sampling for genetic and toxicological analyses; passive tracking techniques, as well as radio and satellite telemetry.


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