1. "Epaule de Porc Braisee au Romarin et a l'Ail,"
  2. The pillars of the porc hare decorated by stalactite decorations that are typical of Ottoman architecture.
  3. There are also porc and chickenfarms.
  4. An important tradition in rural areas of Catalonia is the pig slaughter ( Matan鏰 del porc ).
  5. The name Portapique is a corruption of the Acadian word'Porc-epic', meaning porcupine.
  6. It's difficult to find porcs in a sentence. 用porcs造句挺难的
  7. In about 1975 an expanded version of PROC called " PORC " was developed by John Timmons and Paul Desjardins.
  8. The two co-wrote the book " Un plat de porc aux bananes vertes " ( 1967 ).
  9. The two published a joint novel, " Un plat de porc aux bananes vertes ", in 1967.
  10. The March?du Porc Breton, located in Pl閞in, is where the price of pork is set for retailers across France.
  11. "Un porc de c鈏ne " pushed the jokes a little further, risking to be branded an obscene work.
  12. French recipe for " cSur de porc ?l'orange " is made of braised heart with an orange sauce.
  13. EMG then an acceleromyograph may be used for neuromuscular monitoring in general anesthesia with neuromuscular-blocking drugs, in order to avoid postoperative residual curarization ( PORC ).
  14. He serves as the President of the Syndicat National de l'Industrie des Viandes ( SNIV ) and the Syndicat National du Commerce du Porc ( SNCP ).
  15. "Porc means pork, right ? " he asked me one night after a 20-minute reading of the menu at a brasserie in Nancy, France.
  16. Meanwhile, the Acme Chop House's Aug . 13 pork-themed dinner will feature tete de porc, fried ears, stuffed pigs'feet and pastry created from larded dough.
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