1. They did concede 1 try, scored by second rower Christophe Porcu.
  2. Christopher Porcu, said this week.
  3. On 13 September 1807 she married Antonio Porcu and the two went on to have seven children.
  4. Front-rower Jean-Jacques Crenca replaces Arnaud Martinez and Olivier Brouzet is in for second-rower Christophe Porcu.
  5. Reserves : Olivier Azam, Jean Baptiste Poux, Christophe Porcu, Olivier Magne, Pierre Mignoni, Yannick Jauzion, Cedric Heymans.
  6. It's difficult to find porcu in a sentence. 用porcu造句挺难的
  7. He was raised by his grandfather, the priest Gherasim Porcu ( Latinized as Porcius ), whose name he took by adoption.
  8. Reserves : Olivier Azam, Jean-Baptiste Poux, Christophe Porcu, Olivier Magne, Pierre Mignoni, Yannick Jauzion, Cedric Heymans.
  9. Melis and Lara were the biggest stars of the 1930s golden age of launedda, and each taught their style to apprentices like Lara's Aureliu Porcu.
  10. The typical popular saying " ru porcu not jetta components " ( the pig does not lose anything ) indicates that during all stages of the killing and slaughter, it takes food from all parts of the animal.
  11. The 1980 version proved the more successful version and the Mediterranean Sundance and R韔 Ancho track has since been performed by many artists such as Marco Porcu, Seis Cuerdas, Jorge Martinez and La Pe馻 Flamenca and has become a gypsy jazz classic.
  12. France : Arnaud Martinez, Olivier Azam, Sylvain Marconnet, Fabien Pelous, Christophe Porcu, Serge Betsen, Olivier Magne, Imanol Harinordoquy, Frederic Michalack, Francois Gelez, Nicolas Jeanjean, Damien Traille, Tony Marsh, Aurelien Rougerie, Pepito Elhorga.
  13. France : Jean Jacques Crenca, Raphael Ibanez, Jean Baptiste Poux ( replaced by Sylvain Marconnet after 75 minutes ), Fabian Pelous, Olivier Prouzet, Serge Beatsen, Olivier Magne, Christian Labid ( replaced by Sebastian Chaval after 65 minutes ), Pierre Mignoni, Gerard Merceron, Nicolas Jeanjean, Damien Traille, Tony Marsh, Aurelien Rougerie, Nicholas Brusque ( replaced by Christophe Porcu after 65 minutes ).
  14. Overexpression of several enzymes of the NAD + salvage pathway, including nicotinate phosphoribosyltransferase ( PNC1 ) and nicotinamide mononucleotide adenylyltransferase 1 ( NMNAT1 ) have been shown to extend lifespan in rat models by activating SIRT1 and promoting p53 deacetylation ( van der Veer et al ., 2007; Porcu and Chiarugi, 2005; Arraki et al ., 2004; Berger et al ., 2004; Bedalov and Simon, 2004 ).
  15. The National Liberals, through the voice of Alexandru Constantinescu-Porcu, helped exploit the rivalry between the Peasants'Party and Iorga, using the latter's rejection of Constantin Stere ( a conflict sparked by Stere's support for Germany during the World War ); Stere won partial elections for the deputy seat in Soroca, Bessarabia, causing a political scandal which saw all parties ( including the PNR ) declare their dissatisfaction.
  16. Other politicians attending the Council included several government ministers ( Brtianu, Duca, Constantinescu-Porcu, Vasile Morcun, Emil Costinescu, Alexandru G . Radovici, Emanoil Porumbaru, Victor Antonescu, Constantin Anghelescu ), Parliamentary leaders ( Mihail Pherekyde, Constantin Robescu ), former premiers ( Titu Maiorescu, Theodor Rosetti, and Petre P . Carp ), other party leaders ( Nicolae Filipescu and Alexandru Marghiloman ) and former Chamber presidents ( Constantin Olnescu and Constantin Cantacuzino Pa _ canu ).


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