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  1. In an experiment, trends in diversity, abundance and taxonomic composition of live foraminiferal assemblages were analyzed to replicate corer samples collected at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain over a thirteen-year time frame.
  2. The study area was located in the middle of the Porcupine Abyssal Plain at a water depth of about 4850 m, 270 km southwest of Ireland ( central location : 48?02 N 16?02 W ).
  3. The Porcupine Abyssal Plain Observatory is a multidisciplinary moored observatory set up over twenty years ago at 49?N and 16?30'W . A collaboration was set up in 2010 between the Natural Environment Research Council and the United Kingdom Met Office which has resulted in simultaneous monitoring of the ocean and atmosphere being made at the site.
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