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  1. The PAP lies beyond the Porcupine Bank's deepest point and is southwest of it.
  2. Hy-Brasil has also been identified with Porcupine Bank, a shoal in the Atlantic Ocean about west of Ireland and discovered in 1862.
  3. One of his last acts as Mayor was to attend the opening of the Zapata Lexington semi-submersible oilrig, anchored south of the Porcupine Bank, one hundred and sixty miles west of Galway.
  4. :Yes it was-in the area at the southern end of the Rockall Plateau and Porcupine Bank, there are a number of features that have a'Middle Earth'connection, including Fangorn Bank, Edoras Bank, Gandalf's Spur, Lorien Knoll, Rohan Seamount, Gondor Seamount and Isengard Ridge . talk ) 13 : 29, 23 September 2012 ( UTC)
  5. Christina affected Ireland on the 175 anniversary of one of the worst storms of the last 500 years in the country, the Night of the Big Wind of 6 January 1839 . The Irish Marine Institute recorded waves nearly 12 metres on 6 January on its M6 buoy on the Porcupine Bank off the north-west of Ireland, and off the coast of Belmullet, Co . Mayo.
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