pork busters造句


  1. "We're an easy target for the pork busters.
  2. The provisions that are hitchhiking on the farm aid measure brought a strong protest from congressional " pork buster"
  3. Sen . John McCain, the Senate's self-proclaimed " pork buster, " is gearing up for the annual fall rite of unleashing his biting wit on colleagues who try to bring home the bacon.
  4. The organization's pork busters will be busy tallying all the special projects in all the final spending bills over the weeks to come, but right now, Congress is primed to surpass last year's numbers easily, Campi said.
  5. Sen . John McCain, the Senate's foremost pork buster, said he will introduce legislation next year to put the nation on a biennial budget, allowing members to debate issues without distraction for at least one year of the two-year sessions.
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  7. A House group called Pork Busters, led by Reps . Edward Royce ( R-California ) and Rep . Mark Neumann ( R-Wisconsin ), also offered a series of amendments-- of which only one passed-- to reduce construction funding.


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