pork butcher造句

"pork butcher"是什么意思   


  1. He disappears into olhousen s , the pork butcher s , under the downcoming rollshutter
  2. At this time , a pork butcher came by and asked the monk : “ young master , why did you cry so sadly here
    就在他哭得伤心的时候,有一个杀猪的屠夫刚巧经过此山,看到沙弥跪在路边哀哀痛哭,便上前问道: “小师父,你为什么在此哭得如此伤心? ”
  3. The pork butcher jumped off the cliff without hesitation . when he was falling with wind , a lucky cloud rose slowly from the dell , supported the pork butcher and saved him
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