pork butchers造句

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  1. The meat ingredients for Skirts and Kidneys can be bought generally in any pork butcher's shop.
  2. It was traditionally made by " German " pork butchers in parts of Scotland, mostly on the East coast.
  3. He remained at Bologna in the care of a pork butcher while his father played the horn in the orchestras of the theatres at which his wife sang.
  4. There are many varieties of Lyon sausages that have come of age with recipes handed down by the ancestors of the pork butchers from the city of Gauls.
  5. The building was leased to pork butcher F . G Thompson, who made alterations to the building presumably to separate his business from the laundry and ex-convicts.
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  7. Opened 96 years ago, this is a strictly pork butcher shop with homemade, savory Italian sausages, hot and sweet, dried and fresh, in casings or bulk.
  8. Betsey had eggs Benedict, made not with the usual Canadian bacon but with a thick slice of five-spice ham, cured by Ed Hick, whom the McKennas'guides call Ireland's best pork butcher, and a tart rocket salad.
  9. He said his early memories included watching his uncle, a pork butcher, sprinkling tobacco at the corner of a pig's enclosure before killing it, and listening to elders talk of the sweat lodge or the days when they made bread from acorns.
  10. Other facilities, which were once part of village life and have passed into history, include a Pork Butcher's Shop, a General Store and a Carpenter and Undertaker, all on Hall Lane, together with a Blacksmith and a Baker's Shop on Dereham Road.
  11. His best known works included " The Pork Butcher " ( Constable, 1984 ) for which he was awarded the WH Smith Literary Award in 1985 and " But for Bunter ", published as " The Joke of the Century " in the United States.
  12. However, after discovering her baptismal certificate in the gilder and a seller of prints from a shop beneath the house in the Grand'rue; Pierre-蓆ienne, who became a pork butcher; and a sister who appears to have been living in or near Paris during the early 1790s.
  13. It was very much a self-contained community, with four publicans, a miller with two mill workers, two blacksmiths, a carpenter / wheelwright, two thatchers, a bricklayer, two carriers, two general dealers, two grocers, a pork butcher, a baker and three-yes three-shoemakers.


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