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  1. There is also an intersection with Prefectural Road 102 which goes to Ishidoriya.
  2. In 1991, it was made a prefectural road.
  3. Wassamu is also linked by train and Route 40 and prefectural roads 48 and 99.
  4. In Tono, Prefectural Roads 178 and 161 join 283 just northwest of Miyamori Station.
  5. Sign on Prefectural Road 8 in Esashi Ward, Oshu City showing how 456 joins 8 and 14.
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  7. The road was originally built by Japan Highway Public Corporation and management was transferred to Aichi Prefectural Road Public Corporation in 1983.
  8. Hikers can walk on a footpath from Kawanoe to Otoyo, Kochi . ( The path sometimes joins Ehime prefectural road 5 .)
  9. Most usually end at another prefectural road, or national route, or occasionally at or very close to a Japan Railway station.
  10. YMrM Park extends from YMrM Falls to the Nanno Sekigahara Line, a prefectural road that runs along the foot of the mountain.
  11. In Morioka, Route 396 joins Prefectural Road 208 in two places . 208 West crosses National Route 4 and leads to Yahaba Station.
  12. In conjunction with the Chkgoku Expressway and the Osaka ChkM KanjMsen of Osaka Prefectural Road 2, it will form a full outer ring road of Osaka.
  13. Prefectural lodgings and a prefectural road leading from the town of Iinomachi ( 飿螒 : u " + nomachi " ) were both opened in 1953.
  14. If a prefectural road does cross into another prefecture, even if for a few hundred feet, its number is not reused by the prefecture it crosses into.
  15. Work on the dam began in 1938, but it was not completed until 1954 due to World War II . Prefectural Road 178 passes over the top of the dam.
  16. There is also an intersection with Prefectural Road 36.36 East leads to National Route 106 while 36 West crosses route 4 and leads to the Morioka Minami Interchange of the TMhoku Expressway.
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