1. I am sick of dealing with this premission via email crap.
  2. And that site has premission to do that.
  3. I have provided communication between the Sheldon Chumir foundation affirming premission to use the files.
  4. O'Leary said he spoke to Housel by telephone after Housel was granted premission by Tech athletics director Dave Braine to contact O'Leary.
  5. Do I need to ask premission to create a new infobox for the political parties of my country ( provided that it doesn't have one yet )?
  6. It's difficult to find premission in a sentence. 用premission造句挺难的
  7. Clutching a copy of USA Today as her aircraft circled through clouds awaiting premission to land at La Guardial Airport, she added : " I don't need to be in the Senate to have people pay attention to me.
  8. If the other user would have simply asked the creator premission, instead of deleting the image from many pages ( I don't know how many ) this intrusive and unproductive argument between myself and another user would have never started.
  9. I dont wanna cite bad stuff or poorly source, I just want to the same premission to edit a page as someone else that spends everyday here . . .  Preceding contribs ) 03 : 44, 16 December 2013 ( UTC)


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