press opportunity造句

"press opportunity"是什么意思   


  1. Additionally there are several national signature events and press opportunities.
  2. At one " press opportunity,"
  3. This is part of a week of activities for the candidates, including readings, book signings and press opportunities.
  4. Davis confronts a press opportunity staged by Bond on the courthouse steps, turning on the charm and denying any wrongdoing.
  5. Press opportunities and reviews occurred in such international publications as UK-based Kaleidoscope and Germany's Side-Line magazine.
  6. It's difficult to find press opportunity in a sentence. 用press opportunity造句挺难的
  7. Interviews, press opportunities, everything : Frank is the " Cannes Man, " and he didn't have to do much to get it.
  8. Perhaps more to the point of this particular press opportunity, Roberts also said she loved playing opposite Brad Pitt in one of the most hyped celluloid pairings of the year, " The Mexican ."
  9. The White House can point to other " press opportunities, " mainly at meetings with foreign leaders, but nowhere near the 45 occasions of Clinton's first year, including 18 East Room sessions.
  10. "It's important for these two gentlemen to speak to each other, to speak directly and not just have a meeting that results in a press opportunity later where there is no progress,"
  11. The initial sextet appeared from Series 2 onwards as the standard face of the show at premieres and other press opportunities, and performed as a troupe for such peripheral events as the show's BBC Prom concert.
  12. A group of state pageant administrators seeking to wrest control from Renneisen, circulated an eight-page letter from the parents of Katie Harman, Miss America herself, that accused him of depriving her of press opportunities and sticking her with a $ 2, 200 bill for her post-coronation victory party and a $ 750 bill for clothing alterations.
  13. "We're all young, and we just want to be dumb and I shouldn't complain, " she recently told Rolling Stone magazine, apparently overtaxed by the promotional demands of launching a career . ( Jones has since curtailed her press opportunities and was not available for an interview . ) " But it's been really kind of scary.


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