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  1. Soon as the press packet hit my desk, I knew.
  2. Gene had sent us a phoney press release and press packet.
  3. Have a real nice press packet ready for them . "'
  4. The media snapped up 300 glossy foldout press packets complete with comic book.
  5. The press packet includes an artist's conception of how this will work.
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  7. "In excess of 800 feet, " says the press packet.
  8. Press packets in Van Damme's early films list him as a European karate champion.
  9. Many of the elements in theirs are lifted directly from the press packet we gave them.
  10. They are designed for use on various ITASA materials such as booklets, press packets and websites.
  11. This is a mortgage banking lawyer with a publicist, a press packet and a growing clip file.
  12. Two days after FDA approval, my Procter & AMP; Gamble press packet arrived in the mail.
  13. This year, the press packet sent in advance of the May 11 observation also held a button.
  14. He handed out press packets extolling the county's beaches and other attractions to any interested reporters.
  15. The March 2001 issue of the Qaida Media Committee's monthly press packet included news articles culled from the Internet:
  16. The two images that I downloaded were from the press packet released by a company I am writing an article about.
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