1. The combustion chamber and pressurant tanks were housed in the central tunnel.
  2. Two separate tanks held another of helium pressurant.
  3. Helium pressurant efficiency is substantially increased via a titanium heat exchanger on the ablative / niobium boundary.
  4. A pressurant is used, such as steam or pressurized helium, to drive the fluid through the pump.
  5. However, later firings of the thrusters failed, apparently due to a lack of nitrogen pressurant in the fuel tanks.
  6. It's difficult to find pressurant in a sentence. 用pressurant造句挺难的
  7. In a light-gas gun, the pressurant is a gas of light molecular weight, to maximize the speed of sound in the gas.
  8. Cryogenic or volatile propellants generally do not need a separate pressurant; instead, some propellant is expanded ( often with engine heat ) into low-density gas, and routed back to its tank.
  9. The ACES Integrated Vehicle Fluids option eliminates all hydrazine monopropellant and all helium pressurant from the space vehicle normally used for attitude control and station keeping and depends instead on solar-thermal monoprop thrusters using waste hydrogen.
  10. The pump contains a chamber which has a valved inlet from the fluid to be pumped, a valved outlet-both of these at the bottom of the pump, and a pressurant inlet at the top of the pump.
  11. The new stations featured a longer design life and a second Progress resupply craft was created based on the crewed Soyuz, to resupply the crew and station with air, air regenerators, water, food, clothing, bedding, mail, propellants, pressurant, and other supplies.
  12. So, for example, a typical design for a minimum mass tank to hold helium ( as a pressurant gas ) on a rocket would use a spherical chamber for a minimum shape constant, carbon fiber for best possible \ rho / \ sigma, and very cold helium for best possible M / { pV }.


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