1. When Alexius became emperor in 1081 he held the office of " megas primikerios " in the imperial household.
  2. Bulgarian scholars interpret the role of the " megas tzaousios " as the head of the imperial guard and a chief assistant of the " megas primikerios ".
  3. It was the fourth-lowest dignity for eunuchs, above the " spatharokoubikoularios " and below the " primikerios ", and was reserved specifically for them.
  4. Although the office of Grand Primicerius ( " megas primikerios " ) was usually held by a eunuch, Tatikios seems to have had descendants who were members of a powerful noble family in the 12th century, including another general, prominent at the Battle of Sirmium, under Manuel I Comnenus.
  5. In 1343, after the citizens of the Empire's second city, Thessalonica, had risen up against Alexios Apokaukos'rival, John VI Kantakouzenos, John was named " megas primikerios " and appointed governor of the city, but actual power lay rather with the radical Zealot faction who had staged the anti-Kantakouzenist uprising.
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  7. According to the " Life of Basil the Younger ", Constantine retained the rank of " primikerios " during the later half of the reign of Romanos Lekapenos ( i . e . between 931 and 944 ), and was allowed to keep his palace near Arcadianae, built for him at imperial expense during his tenure as " parakoimomenos ".


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