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  1. In the Pok?and Prime Cups, four trophies may be earned, one for each level of difficulty, but the Pika and Petit Cups only award one trophy each.
  2. This also gives the advantage of the firing pin indenting the primer in a similar fashion from shot to shot as the primer cup is in direct contact with the bolt face.
  3. Each case was protected against accidental percussion inside the tube magazine by a primer cover and by a circular groove around the primer cup which caught the tip of the following pointed bullet.
  4. Set in a new town called White City, the Stadium is home to the Pok?Cup, Prime Cup, Challenge Cup, and Little Cup, each having its own rules and regulations.
  5. In Stadium mode, the player is challenged to earn trophies by winning the Pika Cup, Petit Cup, Pok?Cup, and Prime Cup, each having its own set of rules and restrictions.
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  7. In order to safely accommodate pointed ( spitzer ) bullets inside the Lebel's tube magazine, a circular groove was machined around each primer cup on both Balle D am and Balle N ammunitions.
  8. In a Boxer primer, the anvil is a separate stirrup piece that sits inverted in the primer cup providing sufficient resistance to the impact of the firing pin as it indents the cup and crushes the pressure-sensitive ignition compound.
  9. The "'8?0mmR Lebel "'( 8mm Lebel ) rifle Lebel rifle, the 8mm case was designed to protect against accidental percussion inside the tube magazine by a circular groove around the primer cup which caught the tip of the following pointed bullet.
  10. However, its older brass cases lack the circular groove around the primer cup, so the reloader must be careful to use only round-nosed or flat-nosed bullets when producing handloads for the tube-magazine Lebel rifles with the older Privi Partizan cases.
  11. From 1998 until 2002 it was known as the "'Viceroy Cup "'and in 2003 changed again to the "'Prime Cup "', but has always been known locally as the Elite Cup of which is the current name of the competition.
  12. This positioning makes little or no difference to the performance of the round, but it makes fired primers vastly easier to remove for re-loading, as a single, centered rod pushed through the flash hole from the open end of the case will eject the two-piece primer from the primer cup.
  13. A physical difference between pistol and rifle primers is the thickness of the primer's case; since pistol cartridges usually operate at lower pressure levels than rifles, their primer cups are thinner, softer, and easier to ignite, while rifle primers are thicker and stronger, requiring a harder impact from the firing pin . ( Despite the names " pistol " and " rifle ", the primer used depends on the cartridge, not the firearm; a few high-pressure pistol cartridges like the . 221 Fireball and . 454 Casull use rifle primers, while lower-pressure pistol and revolver cartridges like the . 32 and . 380 Autos, 9mm Luger, . 38 Special, . 357 Magnum, . 44 Magnum and . 45 ACP and traditional revolver cartridges like . 32-20, . 44-40 and . 45 Colt, also used in lever action rifles, still would be loaded with pistol primers.


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