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  1. The sum of any two elements has an even number of prime factors .
  2. It is at this stage that the spacious conception and extremely vital organization of the league of nations presents itself as a prime factor .
  3. On the greatest prime factor of xn - yn
  4. Does your organization / do you consider cost is a prime factor in green purchasing
  5. That has a web service method that searches for prime factors , with the following signature
  6. It's difficult to find priming factor in a sentence. 用priming factor造句挺难的
  7. Abstract : in this paper , the factorization of scaling vector filters into prime factors is considered . a construction of bi - orthogonal wavelet matrix with pre - asigned scaling filter is given
  8. When prediction with little training sample set and large variable si ? is concerned , this paper abstracts the prime factors from the training sample set , then only inputs the prime factors into ann instead of primary variables
  9. To count this situation , the thesis has studied the electric power equipment industry and the sichuan the electric power equipment industry ' s present situation and devolpment according to analysis , and also to counter the power equipment , detaily analysed and proved the condition and enviroment of national economic states . market demond compition situation , power system orginazation reform and analysed industrual instruction with boter model , then analysed internal condition and capcity of management and administition , design and market of dujiang electric power equipment work . . using the " prime factor evaluating model " analyses internal conditions , nagement level and ability of marketing etc , later get the opportunity , threat , ausing the " prime factor evaluaing model " analyses the internal conditions , mad - vantage and inferiority through the swot research . finally , the thesis layout the straetgy system according to the threat , advantage of dujing electric power euipment work and opportunity of developing qiukly of the electric power equipment , and expaiate strategic aim
  10. Using error back propagation algorithm . the limitation of the bp net is also improved ; 2 > when prediction with little training sample set and large variable size is concemed , this paper abstracts the prime factors from the training sample set using rough set theory , then only inputs the prime factors into ann . this diminishes the size and the input nodes number of ann
    对于即网络本身易陷入局部极小点及收敛速度慢的问题,在文中也得到了改进; 2 、对于财政转移支付中标准收入的测算属于多指标小样本的预测问题,文中首次利用粗集理论对初始的指标体系进行约简,提取出关键性的因素作为神经网络的输入。
  11. The design hardly has denies measures so that it is convenient to use while its noise is loud " the article analysis the prime factors of noise quantitatively through the fervency spectrum , and make the ways object to noise , in that it is suggested to improve the energy storage system and raise the system control capability to the moving door so to slow the close velocity


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