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  1. A further fifteen soldiers and eleven convicts would accompany the expedition aboard a privately owned vessel, " Contest ."
  2. The 25 ships, all privately owned vessels once used to transport cargo, show signs of corrosion, state environmental officials say.
  3. A British Blue Ensign with the badge served Tasmanian government vessels, and privately owned vessels were to fly an un-defaced British Red Ensign.
  4. The Navy has responsibility for salvaging U . S . government-owned ships and, when it is in the best interests of the United States, privately owned vessels as well.
  5. Among the notable blockade runners were privately owned vessels like the SS " Syren ", a 169-foot ( 52 m ) steel-hulled sidewheel steamer that made a record 33 successful runs through the Union blockade.
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  7. The " "'Biskop Hvoslef " "'is a veteran vessel built in 1933 that was used in search and rescue by the Redningsselskapet ( Norwegian Society for Rescue at Sea ) on the Norwegian coast between 1933 and 1969 . It is now a privately owned vessel.
  8. "De Soto " was originally a privately owned vessel, built for passenger service between Confederate ports . " De Soto " s speed made her an effective pursuit ship, and she would capture or bring about the destruction of a total of eighteen blockade runners during the war.


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