privately printed造句


  1. A memorial volume was privately printed by his friends in 1887.
  2. A fragment was privately printed, but it was never completed.
  3. The book was privately printed at the Chiswick Press in 1880.
  4. It was also privately printed and issued at Launceston in November 1848.
  5. Privately printed satirical " Diefenbucks " swept the country.
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  7. The Monographs are a series of Historical studies privately printed by George Mackaness.
  8. London ( twenty copies only, privately printed ), 1810, 4to.
  9. Some of her religious essays were collected in the privately printed,"
  10. She privately printed the rules for her court.
  11. He produced a work on King Arthur and a privately printed collection of poems.
  12. The senator compiled a privately printed book, " Words Jack Loved,"
  13. However, there emerged in 1940 a privately printed publication called the Story Paper Collector.
  14. His memoirs were privately printed in 1988.
  15. The tome was privately printed in Boston.
  16. Privately printed, the volume is available at the State Historical Society of Missouri in Columbia.
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