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  1. Some reflections on the medium and small - sized privately - run enterprises
  2. Current situations and some suggestions about the privately - run enterprises in shanghai
  3. A study of the issue of improving competitiveness of privately - run enterprises in fujian
  4. By positive analysis of the development of privately - run enterprises and the local special markets , we found there are real interactive relationships between privately - operated enterprises special markets and regional economic growth
  5. In 2006 , wanda group founded the nationwide first privately - run enterprise volunteer branch association ; meanwhile , subsidiaries of wanda group all over the country join in the volunteer organizations and every employee would do the volunteer work at least once a year
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  7. Different views over this problem may directly influence the evaluation of the previous performance of our reform as well as the route of the future reform . compared with the privately - run enterprises , there exists a more complex “ commission - agent ” relation in the state - owned enterprises
  8. Moreover analysis and comparison of the development of privately - run enterprises ( refers to the middle and small enterprises in japan ) and special markets , between japan and our nation , has been made . . finally an innovative conclusion has been drawn , that is to say , it is necessary for the local government of the central subregion of henan province to support the development of special markets and privately - run enterprises which must be regarded as the center , and to realize a certain interactive relationships between them
    (盛洪, 1994 )因此,当地政府只要领导有方、措施得力,就能够像江浙地区和上海市一样创新交易方式,构建或优化重组本地专业市场,并在本地民营企业与当地专业市场间建立一种正相关关系,从而大大降低交易成本,有力推动当地经济快速增长。此外,本文的第三个切入点是对中外民营企业和专业市场(以日本为比较对象)发展的对比分析。
  9. All these discoveries above - mentioned have encouraged me to do further research and even create a new economic growth model for my hometown . in the first place , the development of privately - run enterprises has been studied and in the second place , we talked about the special markets which could reduce commercial cost in a large scale


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