1. "Versicorpus " probably live in close association with rock hyraxes ( " Procavia capensis"
  2. If you look at Mammalian Species : Procavia capensis by Nancy Olds it gives all the " type localities ".
  3. :Think you might find it is "'capensis "'or full name Procavia capensis capensis Common Rock Hyrax.
  4. He made many contacts with managers and rangers of Artis Zoo in Amsterdam, Dolf sent a number of Rock Hyraxes " Procavia capensis " off by plane, as a gift from Dutch biologists working in South Africa.
  5. In Dutch the word " dassie " means ( approximately ) " rock-rabbit ", the plural being " dassen " and the island is named after the colonies of hyraxes ( Procavia capensis ) encountered there by the discoverers.
  6. It's difficult to find procavias in a sentence. 用procavias造句挺难的
  7. Other assorted mammalian prey species include the golden-rumped elephant shrew ( " Rhynchocyon chrysopygus " ) and the cape hyrax ( " Procavia capensis " ), although it is possible that juvenile hyraxes are rather more commonly taken than adults.
  8. :"'Genera "': Acinonyx, Addax, Aepyceros, Alcelaphus, Allenopithecus, Ammodorcas, Ammotragus, Anomalurus, Antidorcas, Antilope, Aonyx, Atherurus, Atilax, Bdeogale, Bos, Boselaphas, Bubalus, Canis, Capra, Capricornis, Cephalophus, Ceratotherium, Cercocebus, Cercopithecus, Cervus, Colobus, Connochaetes, Cricetomys, Crocidura, Crocuta, Crossarchus, Cryptomys, Ctenodactylus, Cynictis, Damaliscus, Dendrohyrax, Dicerus, Dorcatragus, Equus, Erythrocebus, Euoticus, Felis, Fennecus, Funisciurus, Galago, Galagoides, Gazella, Genetta, Gerbillus, Giraffa, Gorilla, Graphiurus, Heliosciurus, Helogale, Hemitragus, Herpestes, Heterohyrax, Hippopotamus, Hipposideros, Hippotragus, Hyaena, Hybomys, Hyemoschus, Hylochoerus, Hypsignathus, Hystrix, Ichneumia, Ictonyx, Kobus, Lemniscomys, Lepus, Litocranius, Loxodonta, Lutra, Lycaon, Macaca, Macroscelides, Madoqua, Malacomys, Mandrillus, Manis, Marmota, Mellivora, Melursus, Miopithecus, Moschus, Mungos, Mustela, Myonycteris, Myosciurus, Nandinia, Nemorhaedus, Neotragus, Nycteris, Ochotona, Octocyon, Oenomys, Okapia, Oreotragus, Orycteropus, Oryx, Otolemur, Ourebia, Ovis, Paguma, Pan, Panthera, Pantholops, Papio, Paraxerus, Pedetes, Pelea, Perodiciticus, Petaurista, Phacochoerus, Phacohoerus, Poecilogale, Poiana, Potamogale, Potomocherus, Praomys, Presbytis, Procapra, Procavia, Proteles, Protoxeros, Psammomys, Pseudois, Raphiceros, Redunca, Rupicapra, Scotoecus, Scotophilus, Selenarctos, Sus, Sylvicapra, Syncerus, Tatera, Tetracerus, Thamnomys, Theropithecus, Thryonomys, Tragelaphus, Trichechus, Ursus, Viverrra, Vulpes, Xerus and Zenkerella.


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