1. Automatic moulding productio line ofr cylinder block
  2. Automatic control system of cold m aterial feeding colloidal tube productio n line
  3. Determination and calculation of proportioning point in the productio n of potassium sulphate by glauber ' s salt metho
  4. At the initial stage of planar technique , b was employed as ideal diffusion impurity in base - region of npn si planar devices because of the match of its solid - solubility and diffusion coefficient in si with those of p in emission - region , and the good shield effect of sio2 film to b . but because of the relatively large solubility ( 5 1020 / cm3 at 1000 ) and the small diffusion coefficient , the linear slowly - changed distribution of acceptor b in pn junction can not be formed , which could not cater to the requirement of high - reversal - voltage devics . thereafter b - a1 paste - layer diffusion technology and close - tube ga - diffusion technology had been developed , while the former can lead to relatively large the base - region deviation and abruptly varied region in si , which caused severe decentralization of current amplification parameter , bad thermal stability and high tr ; the latter needed the relatively difficult pack technique , with poor repeatability , high rejection ratio , and poor diffusion quality and productio n efficiency
    在平面工艺初期,由于b在硅中的固溶度、扩散系数与n型发射区的磷相匹配, sio _ 2对其又有良好的掩蔽作用,早被选为npn硅平面器件的理想基区扩散源,但b在硅中的固溶度大( 1000时达到5 10 ~ ( 20 ) ,扩散系数小, b在硅中的杂质分布不易形成pn结中杂质的线性缓变分布,导致器件不能满足高反压的要求,随之又出现了硼铝涂层扩散工艺和闭管扩镓工艺,前者会引起较大的基区偏差,杂质在硅内存在突变区域,导致放大系数分散严重,下降时间t _ f值较高,热稳定性差;后者需要难度较大的真空封管技术,工艺重复性差,报废率高,在扩散质量、生产效率诸方面均不能令人满意。
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