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  1. In 2014, Jeff was promoted to Manager of Production Accountant at Sony Pictures Animation.
  2. MaryAnn Comuniello, 44, a production accountant, called the disruption " just a little bump in the road ."
  3. In this position, Jeff managed a team of production accountants and oversaw the development and production of original animated feature films.
  4. In 20011, Jeff was recruited as a senior production accountant at Sony Pictures Imageworks, the visual effects division of Sony Pictures Entertainment.
  5. Maley has also worked extensively but not expensively in radio, television and film since 1985, when he was credited as Assistant Production Accountant on Derek Jarman s film " Caravaggio ".
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  7. The completion bond is given only after the company clears the script, budget, shooting schedule, insurance policies, locations and cast, usually following meetings with its producer, director, production accountant and distributor.
  8. Benjamin, whose sister taught her to swing dance as a youngster in Jacksonville, is a former production accountant for a film company who founded the New York Swing Dance Society in 1993.
  9. Though technically a production accountant, Jimmy Tsai has been creating projects since his early teens, when the order of the day included everything from crime movie spoofs to commercials for the high school swim team.
  10. One type of "'cost report "'is a filmmaking term for a weekly report, compiled by the Production Accountant, detailing the costs to date, costs this week and estimate of the costs to complete the film.
  11. Its final credit crawl acknowledges ( among hundreds of others ) Steward No . 4 and Slovakian 3-Year-Old Boy; First-Class Husband and Third-Class Woman; a Drapes Master and Drapes Assistants; Production Accountants and Construction Accountants; a Children's Guardian, some Lead Inferno Artists and a Union Doctor; a Water Systems Engineer and a Tank Technician; Lifeguards, Model Makers and a Choreographer / Etiquette Coach.


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