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  1. We hope for a clarification of the processes of hiring faculty and giving promotions and tenure.
  2. The Board makes recommendations on leaves and faculty aid applications, and grants promotions and tenures.
  3. After several years at the rank of assistant professor, individuals are considered for a promotion and tenure.
  4. Unfortunately, university boards don't often explicitly consider publication quality when making decisions on promotion and tenure.
  5. For college professors, the promotion and tenure process takes into account the achievements and reputation of their scholarly activities.
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  7. For example, Gilliland wants promotion and tenure decisions to rest partly on how a professor contributes to the transformation effort.
  8. On affirmative action, Rice backed efforts to increase diversity among entry-level faculty, but opposed its use in promotion and tenure decisions.
  9. In 1997 Carroll moved to Clemson University ( SC ) as an assistant professor where he received early promotion and tenure in the department of physics.
  10. Gottfredson said he's not familiar with Solomon's case but asserted that in recent years, UA has changed its promotion and tenure procedures.
  11. However, she said, " women should be failing at same the rate as men in promotion and tenure and they are not ."
  12. Benhabib said, " because according to all institutional criteria and criteria of scholarship, she has fulfilled Harvard's requirement for promotion and tenure ."
  13. The administration limited the union's role in promotion and tenure, and brought department chairs into administrative roles, where they were not covered by the union.
  14. Traditionally, promotion and tenure decisions have been strongly influenced by a professor's scholarly work-which includes books, book chapters, and refereed journal articles.
  15. His responsibilities are wide-ranging, from overseeing NUS Deans and their faculties / schools to being responsible for the appointment, promotion and tenure process of academic staff.
  16. Promotion and tenure typically requires demonstrating a strong record of published research, instruction, and professional / administrative service, with the strongest emphasis on research in many universities.
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