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  1. China jurong foreign investment promotion bureau
  2. Article 16 . the investment promotion bureau is responsible for the explanation and the implementation of the rules
  3. On the occasion of the arrival of the spring festival , director of weifang municipal overseas investment promotion bureau of shandong province , mr
  4. " the way the artist drew it first , one of her breasts was covered and one was n ' t , " said tadeusz deszkiewicz , director of warsaw ' s promotion bureau
    华沙政府宣传办公室主任tadeusz deszkiewicz表示: “艺术家首先在海报上将她的一只胸部遮盖住,而将另一只裸露出来。
  5. Yao zhihong , deputy director of investment promotion bureau tabled in great detail his ideas on building qinhuangdao into a papermaking base in northern china and on attracting finnish papermaking companies to invest and start business there
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  7. During his stay in qinhuangdao , mr . iipo kaislaniemi met mr . wang yazhou , duputy head of the administrative committee for qinhuangdao economic and technical development zone and major officials from the investment promotion bureau of the development zone
  8. Article 9 it is necessary to have the above awards registered and recognized at investment promotion bureau of this district before the project is hosted , and examined and verified by investment promotion bureau together with statistic and financial departments , and reported to district government for final decision
  9. From september to december in 2002 , under the help of shenzhen furniture trade association ; professor hu jinchu ( in zhongnan forestry university ) , processor xu boming , and zhang bingyuan ( in nanjing forestry university ) , doctor jiangginyan ( in college of shenzhen polytechnic ) , ms shao hanqing ( previce - chairmanin of shenzhen ) , mr . yeqing ( the dean of research center of architecture and design of shenzhen ) , mr . ding keyi ( in investment promotion bureau ) and the experts from assurance center of middle and small corporation , information and technology , finance and so on , the compare of their suggestion formed the first draft of this paper
    在导师及热心业内人士的帮助下,调查行迹遍布深圳各区,也远赴苏州新加坡家具工业园。 2002年9 - 12月,又通过对深圳市家具行业协会、中南林学院胡景初教授、南京林业大学许柏鸣副教授、张彬渊教授、深圳职业技术学院江敬艳博士、深圳市原政协副主席邵汉青女士、建筑设计研究总院叶青院长、招商局物流集团丁克义先生及深圳市中小企业信用担保中心、信息技术和金融单位的专家组综合意见的调查和比较,形成了论文的初稿。
  10. To fulfill the strategy of " deepen opening to the outside world , widen investment promotion and get more development " , and to strengthen the ecnomic and trade cooperation with european countries , liaocheng investment promotion bureau , together with fengxiang group , shangli group and other famous groups attended eu - china parteneriat held in beijing


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