1. Prooemium, or prooemion ( when I looked it up, I found both spellings .)
  2. Theon was the author of a " Lexicon to the Greek comedians " ( ), which is quoted by Hesychius in the Prooemium to his own Lexicon.
  3. In the " Prooemium " or introduction to " De Medicina " there is an early discussion of the relevance of theory to medical practice and the pros and cons of both animal experimentation and human experimentation.
  4. ;Chapter 13 : Covers the necessary parts of a speech which include the prosthesis ( which is the statement of the proposition ) and then the pistis ( which is the proof of the statement ), along with the prooemium ( introduction ) and epilogue ( Bk . 3 13 : 1-4 ).
  5. :The Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary lists the following words under the category " prologue or introduction " : forespeech, prologue, preface, proemy, preamble, proem, exordy, prolocutory, forespeaking, prooemium, preparation, introduction, induction, introducement, prelude, proposition, foretalk, exordium, prolegomenon, epistle, inducement, isagoge, propylaeum, motto, programma, foreword, foretalking, programme.
  6. It's difficult to find prooemium in a sentence. 用prooemium造句挺难的


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