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  1. Proof assistants require a human user to give hints to the system.
  2. The proof assistant Coq has also supported type classes in recent versions.
  3. The proof checking feature makes dependently typed languages closely related to proof assistants.
  4. Program extraction using realizability is implemented in some proof assistants such as Coq.
  5. This was added to the Half proof assistant ( a variant of Alf ).
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  7. However, outside the field of automated proof assistants, this is rarely done in practice.
  8. He led the Coq project in the 1990s with Christine Paulin, who developed the Coq proof assistant.
  9. In 2005, Benjamin Werner and Georges Gonthier formalized a proof of the theorem inside the Coq proof assistant.
  10. Many such systems are primarily intended for interactive use by human mathematicians : these are known as proof assistants.
  11. For this second reason, the CoC and its variants have been the basis for Coq and other proof assistants.
  12. This approach was sufficiently modular to allow them to formally prove the correctness of the machine in the Matita proof assistant.
  13. The incompleteness theorems are among a relatively small number of nontrivial theorems that have been transformed into formalized theorems that can be completely verified by proof assistant software.
  14. A fully formal proof, checked with the Coq proof assistant, was announced in September 2012 by Georges Gonthier and fellow researchers at Microsoft Research and INRIA.
  15. One reason that this particular aspect of intuitionistic logic is so valuable is that it enables practitioners to utilize a wide range of computerized tools, known as proof assistants.
  16. He is known for his work in interactive and automatic theorem proving, in particular for the Isabelle proof assistant; he is the editor of the Journal of Automated Reasoning.
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