1. Cal she starts doing his pubes , i ' m out of here
  2. She starts doing his pubes , i ' m out of here
  3. ( cal ) she starts doing his pubes , i ' m out of here
  4. Honey , marmalade , crumbs of croissant in our pubes
  5. Treatment of pediculosis pubis by stemonae tincture in 50 cases
  6. It's difficult to find pubis in a sentence. 用pubis造句挺难的
  7. Oh the pink roses of the pubis
  8. Pars symphysica rami oss . pubis
  9. Pars acetabularis rami oss . pubis
  10. I ' m trimming my pubes
  11. High frequency ultrosonography in diagnosis of separation of symphys is pubis in later pregnant women
  12. Open diaphasis and reconstruction with steel plate internal fixation for 28 cases separation of symphysis pubis
  13. The first is the creation of a phallus , which is attached to the pubis and to its site of origin much like a " suitcase handle "
  14. They try to set up a trap to forestall another murder . the next day , however , yet another woman is found murdered - with an umbrella speared through her pubis
  15. The body ' s waist was pressed by a kind of continued and discontinued press for long time , the pubis abrasion did not fit the age , so the body was estimated she was a quean ( then the work was not legalized in law , named demimondaine ) , she had been worked less than 6 . years
    主体腰部长时间受到持续而间断的压力,耻骨磨损和年龄不符,由此判断主体以妓女为职业(当时该职业不被公认合法,系暗娼) ,从业时间6年以上。
  16. The feathers attached to the arms and the tail evidently possess the structures of " modern feathers " , which consisting of the central shafts ( rachis ) and parallel barbs . dromaeosaurids are unusual group of maniraptoran theropods . they share many similar or the same features with archaeopteryx or other primitive birds , such as : u - shaped furcula , uncinate process , laterally facing glenoid of shoulder girdle , comparatively long forelimb , large semilunate carple , retroverted pubis , ascending process of astragalus , and " modern feathers " with rachis and barbs etc . these facts indicate not only that dromaeosaurids had developed many bird - like characters in course of the advanced maniraptorans toward birds , but also that there seemed to be the co - evolutionary trend between the feathers and the skeletal bones
    奔龙类是一类较为特殊的手盗龙类( maniraptora ) ,它具有许多与始祖鸟archaeopteryx甚至其它早期鸟类相似或接近的特征,主要表现在:叉骨u形与始祖鸟和孔子鸟类的相同,背肋钩状突在孔子鸟类和个别反鸟类中也存在,肩臼窝绝大部分指向侧方类似于始祖鸟,肩胛骨与乌喙骨间的夹角非常接近90也和始祖鸟的相似,前肢从比例上讲显得较长,大的半月形腕骨使肘部能向侧方折过来,耻骨伸向后下方,距骨上升突与原始鸟类中的为同源结构,羽毛已有显著的分化且具备了现代羽毛的基本结构等等。


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