1. Sj - qf type automatic pp woven bags cutting and sewing machine , cutter
    Sj - qf编织袋自动切缝机
  2. Always say qf is gotten run the market . explain specificly
  3. Analysis of the introduction effects of qf on china ' s security market
  4. Quality function deployment qf
  5. Chapter 4 redesign of the internal personnel training system of qf group
  6. It's difficult to find qf in a sentence. 用qf造句挺难的
  7. Chapter 3 introduction and evaluation of the present internal personnel training system of qf group
  8. After the demo , qf sports culture inc . presented a few game sets to the school to be used in student activities
  9. Herewith , the qfii system became the central attention of the public and they also made a lot of exploitation around the system
  10. Based on the theory of microwave transmission in the media , matching conditiqns qf absorption films for the capture and absorption of microwave signal were ; derived
  11. Contested tour qualifying for the first time at shanghai ; on itf circuit , reached three qf in singles and captured career - first doubles title
    2001年,在上海站首次获得参加巡回赛资格赛权。在itf卫星赛赛事中,共有三次晋级单打1 / 4决赛,并获得职业生涯首个双打冠军头衔。
  12. In december 2002 , the qfii system has been introduced in china , which is the first step for the chinese capital market to confront with the international environments
  13. To underpin the implementation of the qf , emb proposes to set up industry training advisory committees itacs to develop industry training specifications itss for individual industry sectors
  14. Based on the brief introduction of construction management system and the re1evant theory qf modern enterprise system , the thesis discusses the connotation and characteristic of 1ega1 person
  15. The qf will provide clear information on the standards of courses and course providers . with clear and flexible progression pathways , learners can draw up their own roadmaps to upgrade their skills and pursue lifelong learning
  16. Regarding xu zhi - mo ' s literary works and his life experiences , this paper makes a recognition and evaluation of mao dun ' s qf xu zhi - mo , elaborates xu zhi - mo ' s thoughts and behavior , and finally reaches an objective and fair evaluation , considering him as a pure patriotic poet
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