1. this article uses the methods of economics to analyze the informatization of enterprise quantitively and qualitatively
  2. the-carotene in elsholtzia bodinieri v . was studied quantitively and qualitatively with chromatograpphy and spectrophytometry methods
  3. (2 ) quantitively studied the solidification effect of different organic matter content silt, make clear the relationship of organic matter content and solidification effect
  4. the precipitation forecast was improved quantitively, the forecasted severe convection area was consistent with the observation, and the spin up was reduced as much as 25 %
  5. even if 2nd-order modification being taken into account, difference between them is quite obvious . and therefore, there are some disparities when 3d interface instability is studied by using 2d tech nique whether quantitively or qualitatively
  6. It's difficult to find quantitively in a sentence. 用quantitively造句挺难的
  7. the method of chemical dynamics is adopted to describe quantitively the process of both hydrocarbon generating and gas releasing in the carboniferous source rocks in east sichuan areas, thus to hold the hydrocarbon-charging efficiency in the course of gas accumulation
  8. in this thesis, we firstly discuss the importance of enterprise r & d, by contrasting r & d inputs of domestic enterprises, we put forward the deficiency of our country . secondly, we quantitively analyze the enterprise r & d inputs
  9. micro price-influencing factors of 14 residential land and 13 commercial land have been chosen through delphi method and quantitively analyzed after we consult over 50 experts and scholars in the departments concerned in hangzhou and shaoxing . the urban land hedonic price model has been obtained following the basic method and general procedure of the scholars " abroad
  10. based on the definitions and relationship between energy and sustainable development, the problems and possible solutions are discussed, the strategic direction for the renewable energy development is set forth . by analysis on the relevant statement of the renewable energy development, especially on the necessity and feasibility for the renewable energy development in the rural area, an assessment system and model to quantitively measure the contribution made by the renewable energy utilization in the sustainable development are established, and case studies are conducted by the help of the assessment system and model . finally, the possible measures, solutions, and strategies to promote the renewable energy development in rural area are put forward based on the analyzing the problems and shortcomings in the reality
  11. finally, by using of the mathematical model, it is calculated and predicted the effect of the different tongguan riverbed elevations as well as the different conditions of incoming water and sediment on the variance of the flood elevation and the tend of aggradation and degradation of the lower weihe river bed . it is answered quantitively the lessening extent of sediment silt and the decreasing extent of the flood elevation of the lower weihe river after 14 years on two different incoming water and sediment conditions with three different tongguan elevations, respectively 328m, 327m and 326m . these results supply important references to the planning of flood control and comprehensive regulations of the weihe river basin


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