1. Heavy quarkonium properties are studied in the relativistic quark model based on the quasipotential approach in the quantum field theory
  2. First , the cornell potential is used widely as phenomenological potentail and takes rather success in explaining the heavy quarkonium properties . the problem is how to consider the relativistic corrections to this potential
  3. Adopting the assummation that the quark interaction is the sum of the usual one - gluon direct exchange and the mixture of linear scalar and vector potentials , we structure the relativistic corrections of order v2 / c2to the cornell potential , including the annihilation potential for the quark and antiquark of the same favors which plays the same role with the one - gluon direct exchange at short distances . the effects of the relativistic corrections on the hyperfine splittings of quarkonium states are discussed , and a good fit to the available experimental data is obtained on heavy quarkonium mass spectra
    采纳库仑势源于单胶子直接交换,而线性禁闭源于标量和矢量的混合,同时考虑在短程区域与单胶子直接交换起同样作用的同味正反夸克的湮灭,构造了静态夸克-反夸克势到v ~ 2 c ~ 2级次的完全相对论修正,并拟合计算了重介子偶素的能谱,讨论了相对论修正对重介子偶素能级分裂的作用。
  4. We obtain a new quark potential from the effective dilaton - gluon - coupling inspired by superstring theory , and by using this static potential , we explore the mechanism of quark confinement through calculations of the spin - average energy levels , the widths of the leptonic decays and radiative transitions for heavy quarkonium . the obtained results are compared with that of the cornell potenial
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