1. Others believe that the dance originated in the Quilombo itself.
  2. Among these movements, the most famous being that of the Quilombo of Palmares.
  3. No contemporary document calls Palmares a quilombo, instead the term mocambo is used.
  4. Quilombo Tenonde provides space for Capoeira and permacultura ( permaculture-organic farming ).
  5. When it joins with the Arroio do Quilombo, it becomes the Arroio Pelotas.
  6. It's difficult to find quilombo in a sentence. 用quilombo造句挺难的
  7. The most famous quilombo was blacks.
  8. A 1984 film entitled " Quilombo " depicts the rise and fall of Palmares.
  9. The quilombo Comunidade Arnesto Penna Carneiro, ocupppy nowadays an area of 1.25 hectares.
  10. Everyday life in a quilombo offered freedom and the opportunity to revive traditional cultures away from colonial oppression.
  11. If the Dutch were gone, however, the threat of the now unified quilombo of Palmares remained.
  12. It also dates from the period the destruction of the Quilombo dos Palmares, Alagoas, in 1695.
  13. Quilombo dos Palmares was a self-sustaining kingdom of kidnapped Angolans at about the 16th century on.
  14. The quilombo reached a population somewhere around 30, 000 composed of former slaves and some Amerindian allies.
  15. Manoel Fernandes Penna had arrived to Monarchs of Portugal, in the region currently situated in the quilombo.
  16. The governor from that province declared " it is harder to defeat a quilombo than the Dutch invaders ".
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