rabbit angstrom造句


  1. But " Rabbit Angstrom " is less casket than monument.
  2. Poor Rabbit Angstrom _ he's missing out.
  3. :3 months ago Rabbit Angstrom ran out to buy his wife cigarettes.
  4. But then whose haven't, unless you're Rabbit Angstrom or David Crosby?
  5. For instance, Updike guessed Rabbit Angstrom would have avidly followed the O . J . Simpson double-murder trial.
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  7. Despite ( and even with ) that ignominious lapse in a highway motel, he has made Rabbit Angstrom impossible to forget.
  8. "Let's just say Rabbit Angstrom in his dotage, " he said, comparing himself to the John Updike character.
  9. "Gertrude and Claudius, " and a tender requiem to Rabbit Angstrom in his collection " Licks of Love ."
  10. In his own workplace, Rabbit Angstrom's creator explains, he employs three different desks, depending on what kind of writing he has in mind.
  11. Updike is an acknowledged as major novelist, but subtract the Rabbit Angstrom series from his fiction inventory, and few among his 14 other novels rate as major.
  12. These early years in Berks County, Pennsylvania, would influence the environment of the Rabbit Angstrom tetralogy, as well as many of his early novels and short stories.
  13. Concurrent with Dos Passos'trilogy was another by James T . Farrell, concerning ( a ) Elmer Gantry; ( b ) Studs Lonigan; ( c ) Rabbit Angstrom.
  14. In the abstract, Lester Burnham's predicament looks a lot like Rabbit Angstrom's _ the lust, the restlessness, the atmosphere of casual adultery and sexual hypocrisy.
  15. The biggest problem of " Larry's Party " is that Larry often sounds uncannily like that most famous Everyman in recent fiction : John Updike's Rabbit Angstrom.
  16. "Rabbit, Run " featured Rabbit Angstrom, a former high school basketball star and middle-class paragon who would become Updike's most enduring and critically acclaimed character.
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