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  1. In the years since " Rabbit at Rest,"
  2. In the final installment, " Rabbit at Rest,"
  3. In 1990, he published the last Rabbit novel, " Rabbit at Rest ", in which his main character died.
  4. Updike, who killed off Angstrom in " Rabbit at Rest, " explains that readers pleaded with him to bring him back.
  5. That, he said, is why he set much of Rabbit at Rest, the final novel in his Rabbit tetralogy, in that part of the state.
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  7. I know I was worn out in the'80s, although I did read Updike's " Rabbit at Rest " that came out in 1990.
  8. And " Rabbit at Rest " is infused with " the terror of being trapped inside his perishing body, " feelings that the author admits sharing.
  9. "Rabbit Is Rich " ( Updike's particular favorite, which won him both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award ) and " Rabbit at Rest ."
  10. Shortly before the Pulitzer Prize-winning " Rabbit at Rest " was published in 1990, Updike answered critics who found in his novels no ideas, only fancy penmanship ( and much sex ).
  11. At the end of " Rabbit at Rest " ( 1990 ), though, Rabbit demonstrates a kind of certainty, telling his son Nelson on his deathbed, " . . . But enough.
  12. The two final installments of the Rabbit series, " Rabbit is Rich " ( 1981 ) and " Rabbit at Rest " ( 1990 ), were both awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.
  13. After the publication of " Rabbit at Rest ", Updike spent the rest of the 1990s and early 2000s publishing novels in a wide range of genres; the work of this period was frequently experimental in nature.
  14. John Updike's Harry Angstrom, the loping former basketball star who embodied so many of America's hopes and failures, bought the farm early when he died at 56, in " Rabbit at Rest " ( 1990 ).
  15. Variations on the theme of middle age, the stories in John Updike's new collection, " The Afterlife, " are accompaniment pieces to his last Rabbit novel, the melancholy " Rabbit at Rest " ( 1990 ).
  16. Then a leggy, blinky 40ish woman shows up at Janice's door one afternoon, personifying one of Rabbit's last moments in " Rabbit at Rest " : Nelson, he thought but did not tell him, you have a sister.
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