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  1. Earnie Stewart is the U . S . attacker most experienced with rabbit balls _ and dead balls.
  2. Five grand slams in five games last Monday, the first time in history that so many were hit in one day; a return to the rabbit ball?
  3. "People are talking about the rabbit ball, " said Davis, " but you've got guys out there that hitters don't fear ."
  4. The Gainesville players were accused of inserting a " rabbit ball " into the game _ a ball that is more lively than normal and one that exploded off the rough-hewn bats.
  5. Overshadowed by Ruth as a home run hitter, Baker complained about the " rabbit ball ", saying that the ball being used traveled much further than the ball used for the majority of his career.
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  7. He played position on  em, and very frequently he was within six inches of where the ball was hit . " Pieper regarded the Cubs infield of the 1930s, with Billy Jurges, Billy Herman and Phil Cavarretta, as more proficient than the legendary Tinker, Evers and Chance . " I pick them because the rabbit ball has made the job of the infielders much, much tougher than it was in 1906 ."


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