rat and mouse造句

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  1. Very soon puss had chased away all the rats and mice .
  2. Their job is to exterminate rats and mice
  3. Rats and mice are similar animals
  4. Standard test method for oncogenicity study in rats and mice
  5. Effects of toxoplasma gondii infection on the level of serum nitric oxide of rats and mice
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  7. Searching for a computer - controlled running wheel system for rats and mice
  8. Experimental study on the effects of tongfu decoction on the gastrointestinal motility in rats and mice
  9. Unlike britain ' s government , america ' s does not think rats and mice worth counting
  10. Male rats and mice with chemically induced folate deficiency have impaired spermatogenesis and are infertile
    要是以化学方法使雄性大鼠与小鼠体内缺乏叶酸, ?们制造精子的机制就不能正常运作,因而丧失生殖能力。
  11. From flies and worms to rats and mice , animals fed on restricted diets generally live longer than those given abundant food
  12. Snakes did not acquire their poison for use against man but for use against prey such as rats and mice , and the effects on these of viperine poison is almost immediate
  13. Male and female rats and mice were gien four different doses of sodium dichromate dihydrate in their drinking water ranging from 14 . 3 mg / l to 516 mg / l for two years
    研究人员在雌雄大鼠和小鼠的饮用水中加入4种不同剂量( 14 . 3毫克/升至516毫克/升)的重铬酸钠,为期两年。
  14. The estimated reduction of 15 , 000 in animal use following this review equates to around 3 . 5 % of the rats and mice used in testing new human or veterinary medicines or dentistry products
    估计根据综述所减少15 , 000只动物等同于大约3 . 5 %小鼠和大鼠被用于测试新药,兽药或治疗牙病的药物等。
  15. Mark mattson , a researcher at the national institute on aging , says that reducing the amount of calories fed to older rats and mice by 30 percent has helped enhance learning and memory
    国家老化学会的研究员马克?麦特森说,把给年龄较大的老鼠的食物热量降低30 % ,对提高它们的学习力和记忆力有帮助。
  16. Toxicity testing of new medicines for humans and animals accounts for 4 % of all animal use in europe , which means just under half a million rats and mice are used for this purpose each year
    在欧洲,用于新药的人和动物的急性毒性试验的动物占4 % ,这意味着每年有不少于50万小鼠和大鼠被用于急性毒性试验。
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