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  1. The Rat River has been renamed the Fort Yukon.
  2. Millen was later to have a tributary of the Rat River, Millen Creek, named for him.
  3. There are claims by a Johnston family of Mad Trapper of Rat River was Owen Albert Johnston from Pictou County.
  4. The outflow of Rat River into the Burntwood and subsequently Nelson River is controlled by the Notigi Control Structure . ()
  5. In 1845, he crossed the mountains into the Yukon River watershed, and went down the Rat River to its confluence with the Porcupine River.
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  7. Albert Johnson kept fighting from a hole in the ruins of his cabin on Rat River after Royal Canadian Mounted Police besieged and destroyed it with dynamite.
  8. The Phum Duang River ( or Khiri Rat River ), which drains another west of the Tapi watershed, joins the estuary west of Surat Thani in Amphoe Phunphin.
  9. The diverted water flows through the 9.3 km ( 5.8 mi ) South Bay Diversion Channel into the Rat River, which is in the Nelson River watershed.
  10. Tributaries of the Mistassini River include the Papillon River, the Rivi鑢e des Framboises ( Raspberry River ), the Rivi鑢e aux Rats ( Rat River ), and the Mistassibi River.
  11. This section of the trail passes several native tallgrass prairies, crosses numerous rivers and creeks and the Rat River Wildlife Area and runs parallel to the north shore of Fox Cities Area.
  12. Add stuff in about Albert Johnson the Mad Trapper of Rat River, who killed a number of Mounties inthe 1930s . Big media circus at the time . Luigizanasi 20 : 28, 5 September 2005 ( UTC)
  13. The main tributary of the lake is the Rats River whose headwater lake is Rats Lake; the river flows north-east before turning south to empty into the Rats Bay, located in the western part of the lake.
  14. Its mouth is located at the opposite bank of the  Rivi鑢e-aux-Rats hamlet ( Rat River hamlet ), which is on the east side of Saint-Maurice River, at 29.5 km ( by La Tuque
  15. Son of Leopold Veillet and Georgina Magny, Jeffrey Veillet was born May 21, 1881 in the " Rang des chutes " ( rank of falls ) ( said rang " Veillet " ) in Rivi鑢e-aux-Rats ( Rats River ).
  16. The "'Rivi鑢e aux Rats "'( Rat River, in English ) flows south-east for about 60 km, in forested areas in La Tuque ( urban agglomeration ) ( former MRC du Haut-Saint-Maurice ) in Mauricie, in Quebec, in Canada.
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