rat species造句


  1. Mount Pulag is the only place that hosts the 4 Cloud Rat species.
  2. Although the willie wagtail is an aggressive defender of its nest, rat species.
  3. This is a genus of two rice rat species ( both already FAs ) from the Central South American border zone.
  4. Other mammals include ringtails, raccoons, skunks, jackrabbits, martens and many squirrel and rat species including northern flying squirrel.
  5. The central rock-rat " Zyzomys pedunculatus " is one of five rock-rat species native to Australia.
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  7. All kangaroo rat species are sensitive to extreme temperatures and remain in their burrows during rain storms and other forms of inclement weather.
  8. The researchers also found that compared with related rat species, the mole-rats'somatosensory cortex was much larger, and that it encompassed areas of the brain normally devoted to vision.
  9. Firstly, modern authors tend to separate this and some closely related mole rat species from other " Spalax " species by classifying them into a separate genus named " Nannospalax ".
  10. They are similar in appearance to the common rat species " Rattus rattus " and " Rattus norvegicus ", but with larger ears and eyes, softer coats, and furred tails.
  11. All four bamboo rat species in the world are found in China : the Chinese bamboo rat south of the Yangtze, hoary bamboo rat in southwest China, large bamboo rat in Xishuangbanna in southern Yunnan and lesser bamboo rat and western Yunnan.
  12. The San Bernardino kangaroo rat follows the same body plan as " Dipodomys merriami " and other kangaroo rat species : large hind feet for jumping, long tail for balance while jumping, cheek pouches for foraging, and so on.
  13. If a " Prosobonia " sandpiper once bred on Teeraina, it is almost certainly those rats that are responsible for these birds'disappearance; only a single taxon of " Prosobonia " remains today, precariously holding its own on atolls that are devoid of any rat species.
  14. The tuft is thought to act like fletching on an arrow, providing drag to keep the animal stable during locomotion . " merriami " have four toes on each hind foot in contrast to the pacific kangaroo rat, " Dipodomys simulans " and the Stephens'kangaroo rat, " Dipodomys stephensi " ( both kangaroo rat species also found in San Diego County ), which have five toes.


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