1. On inertia of constitution - an ratiocination of experience and sense
  2. Part vi , way of realizing objectivity of legal construction - - legal ratiocination
  3. From hypothesis , ratiocination to psychological analysis and actual practice study viewing the development of modern economics from nobel prize on economics in
  4. This paper , the main method is academic analysis combining with case analysis , and using rigorous ratiocination to insure the result is correct
  5. By skillfully using theoretical ratiocination , digital simulation and experiments , the article has proved its algorithm theoretical true and practical in engineer
  6. It's difficult to find ratiocination in a sentence. 用ratiocination造句挺难的
  7. This part discusses the legal ratiocination of simple and easy cases and difficult cases . the objectivity of both kinds of cases is ascertained through legal ratiocination
  8. The attribute database gives each knowledge point attributes and a link to the teaching material base , while the linkage database describes the relation among knowledge points . this linkage database is suitable for ratiocination
  9. Accordingly , the significance of stem cells in the present day scientific research field , the proceedings of the edinburgh case and the ratiocination given by the opposition division , and all other major factors affecting the appeal will be discussed hereinafter
  10. The objectivity of difficult cases is comparatively weak and hard to seek . so posner calls it " objectivity of conversational rationality " which underlines reasonableness or comparatively right result and the dialectical ratiocination is the way to realize it
    疑难案件的客观性较弱,且不易获得,波斯纳称之为“交谈合理性的客观性” ,强调合乎情理或相对正确的结果,辩证推理是实现其客观性的途径。
  11. Both as the important applicative techniques of data warehouse , olap and data mining have notable differences . olap offers user a view of all angles in order to study the data deeply ; however , data mining analyzes the collecting data automatically , makes the including ratiocination and then helps the decision maker to adjust the strategy and to reduce the risk and gain the correct decision
    Olap和数据挖掘技术作为数据仓库的两项重要应用技术有所不同: olap技术可以为用户提供多角度、快速、直观的视图,以便深入观察数据;而数据挖掘技术高度自动化地分析企业收集的数据,做出归纳性的推理,从而帮助决策者调整策略,减少风险,做出正确的决策。
  12. The paper showed a way combining kbs ( knowledge based system ) and cbr ( case based ratiocination ) to choose the transport routes , and proposed a programmed algorithm based on a method of the fixed train path by the regular characteristic of artsr , which could arrange the train schedule on the chosen transport routes
  13. Before ascertaining the research problem , it is important to review the history and reality of china agriculture infrastructure investment and summarize the fact , and contemporarily it is expected that reality facts support logical ratiocination and form the supposition basis al end
  14. Through the simple revision about the essence and the function of rationality by different philosophical schools , the paper brings forward three meanings of teachers " rationality : in its first sense , rationality means thinking form or in other words thinking activity of forming concept , judgment and ratiocination owned only by human beings


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