ration depot造句

"ration depot"是什么意思   


  1. In the 1900s, Tailem Bend was assigned as a government ration depot supplying the Ngarrindjeri.
  2. In the 1930s, Tjungurrayi and his family lived near the rations depot near Jay Creek.
  3. It added that 40 ammunition depots and 55 ration depots used by the PKK were destroyed.
  4. Apart from functioning as a rations depot, the fort supported an anti-aircraft battery with a radar installation.
  5. It operated as a repeater station as part of the Overland Telegraph Line and also a government rations depot.
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  7. The area was originally leased by two returned soldiers as a cattle station then as a penal colony for a short time then later became a government ration depot.
  8. The area was settled by European pastoralists in the 19th century but the community was established in 1901 when the state government built a ration depot at Turkey Creek.
  9. However, the situation started to turn bleak for the Khmer Rouge, suffering heavier losses against an increasingly consolidated and violent army who destroyed their rebel camps and ration depots, and a mobilized group of townspeople who supported Sihanouk and went against the peasants.


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