rational agents造句


  1. One is the idea of the rational agent of modern epistemology.
  2. Accordingly, he believed that moral obligation applies only to rational agents.
  3. Agent-based models based on heterogeneous and rational agents.
  4. Rational agents will then satisfice that intractability by seeking outcomes produces the maximum utility.
  5. Dobson observes, " a rational agent is simply one who pursues personal material advantage ad infinitum.
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  7. The laws and principles that rational agents consult yield imperatives, or rules that necessitate the will.
  8. In this game, defection is always the best course, implying that rational agents will never play.
  9. This differs from expected utility theory, in which a rational agent is indifferent to the reference point.
  10. A rational agent should choose actions whose outcomes, when weighed by their probability, have higher utility.
  11. Coherent theories, describing the behaviour of'assumed' thus imaginary  rational agents, are developed.
  12. The problem of free will is the problem of whether rational agents exercise control over their own actions and decisions.
  13. Accordingly, there might be " accessio " by pure accident without the intervention of any rational agent.
  14. In the second step, one " frame [ s ] it as a universal principle for all rational agents ".
  15. Rational agents can be conceited only by unexpected changes, so a well-known economic policy is completely in vain.
  16. Rational agents sometimes behave in manners that are counter-intuitive to many people, as in the traveler's dilemma.
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