reedy glacier造句

"reedy glacier"是什么意思   


  1. "' Cohen Nunatak "'( ) is a nunatak lying west of the lower part of Reedy Glacier and east of the Berry Peaks.
  2. "' Morales Peak "'( ) is a peak which rises from the southern part of Metavolcanic Mountain in Antarctica, just east of Reedy Glacier.
  3. "' Langford Peak "'( ) is an isolated peak in Antarctica, west of the lower part of Reedy Glacier and northwest of Abbey Nunatak.
  4. "' Mount Pool "'( ) is a peak, 2, 090 m, standing at the northwest side of Metavolcanic Mountain, at the east flank of Reedy Glacier.
  5. "' Gratton Nunatak "'( ) is a bare, linear nunatak lying at the south side of the mouth of McCarthy Glacier, Antarctica, where the latter enters Reedy Glacier.
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  7. The 2006 2007 ANSMET expedition consisted of a 9-member systematic team ( including astronaut Don Pettit ) that explored the Grosvenor Mountains and a 4-member reconnaissance team that explored Scott Glacier and Reedy Glacier as possible destinations for future expeditions.


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